Solvency II for Insurance Asset Management

Bridge the gap between requirement and implementation




Hinweis: Die Veranstaltung wird in englischer Sprache durchgeführt.

Insurance assets account for about 42% of total assets under management across Europe. Implementation of the European Solvency II Framework Directive will thus not only propel insurers into a new regulatory paradigm but also have a substantial impact on institutional business for the asset management and asset servicing industry.   

To comply with the regulatory reporting obligations for the year 2014, for portfolios under third-party management, insurers will look to their asset managers for the neccessary data, analyses and reports. The ability to promptly, completely and accurately provide this information will therefore become considerably more important as a factor for client retention and acquisition of new institutional clients in the insurance segment. Moreover, highlighting the topic for active marketing of products to insurers as "Solvency II ready" with Solvency-II-compliant investment strategies and client reporting, the new paradigm can be used as competitive advantage by asset management and asset servicing companies.  

Many of these factors have a direct impact on IT infrastructures: new reporting and analytics requirements coupled with the need to expand operational processes to handle new financial instruments and market data. In addition, there are greater demands on the quality, consistency and timeliness of distributed information.

Programme Highlights:

  • Challenges and opportunities for asset managers and insurers
  • The three camps: presentation of the results of the IDS market survey on insurance asset management under Solvency II
  • A real-life implementation mastering the challenges
  • Solvency Capital Requirement, Risk and Return: Optimisation of proven investment strategies under new boundary conditions.

The forum is aimed at the following participants:

From asset management firms including insurance asset management and asset servicing:

  • Heads of Institutional Reporting, of Institutional Sales/Distribution and of Product Management
  • Portfolio Managers for Insurance Asset Management 

From insurance companies:

  • Heads of Asset Allocation, of Relationship Management and of Reporting

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