Message to our clients from IDS CEO Christoph Plein


Dear clients,

in Germany, we are entering the fourth week, in which we are all working hard to keep the COVID-19 propagation curve as flat as possible, while still ensuring that we continue to provide the best service to our customers.


In the case of IDS, this means that our employees have been working from home for three weeks and have been keeping operations stable from there. Fortunately, this is not as challenging a task for IDS as it is for many other companies at present. In addition to the unwavering commitment of our staff, we are now benefiting from the fact that many of our employees have regularly worked in remote work mode even before COVID-19, and last but not least we are benefiting from the excellent technical infrastructure and the entrepreneurial strength, stability and resilience of the Allianz Group.


Looking back over the past three weeks, I am pleased to report that despite the seriousness of the global situation, IDS has so far mastered the agility stress test by Corona very well. Our Business Continuity Management is taking effect, the technology is largely running smoothly, and we have so far been able to keep our operations stable and continue to offer you the service you are used to.


In order to function as well as possible in remote work mode, we have set up an additional internal coordination cascade so that we can react as quickly as possible in the event of any operational difficulties: In the morning, the employees of your service lines meet for a status call, the results of which are then consolidated with all department managers and passed on to the IDS management in the late morning. This creates a structure and transparency regarding our business continuity, which we will maintain after Corona and with which we hope to be able to satisfy your service needs in the coming weeks as well. 


I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you, our customers, for the remarkably cooperative partnership and to our employees, who are holding down the fort for you and IDS from home during these difficult times. We are very pleased with your positive feedback so far on how well our teams are working together to meet your needs as customers. I would also like to assure you that we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that there are no restrictions on our services for you and we are committed to providing you with transparent and timely information via our Service Delivery Managers if necessary.


We all hope that the COVID 19 pandemic will soon be behind us - but we also know that it will test our patience, resilience, perseverance and ability to deal dynamically with the changes in our (professional) daily lives. We at IDS have set ourselves the goal of staying calm, reacting courageously and innovatively to the changed situation and, above all, providing you the best possible service.


Stay healthy and confident!


Best regards


Your Christoph Plein