Regulatory agenda -- Top priorities for 2021


Asset managers and insurers are facing constantly growing regulatory requirements. IDS helps you to fulfill this increasing demand with comprehensive managed services taylored to your needs. Here you will find the upcoming regulations for 2021:


Sustainability-related disclosure regulation (SFDR)


4 February

The European Supervisory Authorities (ESA) publish the final draft of the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on the PAI indicators (Principal Adverse Impact Indicators) to be disclosed by financial market participants (such as insurance companies or product manufacturers) with more than 500 employees. Mandatory and optional PAI indicators are defined for companies, states and supranational organisations as well as real estate.


The RTS also include details on pre-contractual and periodic information to be disclosed on financial products that pursue ESG strategies or impact investing (Articles 8 and 9 Products under SFDR).


12 February

FinDaTex publishes an interim version of the European MiFID Template (EMT 3.1).


10 March

SFDR Level 1: Financial market participants and financial advisors must disclose how they deal with sustainability risks on their website and in pre-contractual documents on financial products. For financial products under Articles 8 and 9 of the SFDR, additional information on sustainability aspects in the investment strategy (such as implementation of sustainable objectives) must also be disclosed.


30 June

Major financial market participants and product manufacturers with more than 500 employees must disclose their policies for considering PAI indicators. While smaller companies can avoid this, they must then disclose why they do so.



Expected applicable date for MiFID II, UCITS, AIFMD, IDD and Solvency II Amendments.


31 December

SFDR Level 2: The environmental or social characteristics for financial products under Articles 8 and 9 of the regulation must be disclosed in periodic reports, in pre-contractual documents and on the website.

The reference period for quantitative disclosure on PAI disclosures begins.


30 Juni 2023

First reports with complete quantitative PAI data should be available by mid-2023 for the reference period. Start of the second reference period.


31 December

Companies in scope of NFRD must disclose to what extent they perform EU Taxonomy eligible activities for climate change mitigation and adaption.

Financial products must disclose in periodic reports how they meet environmental and social objectives and to what extent they invest in EU Taxonomy eligible activities for climate change mitigation and adaption.

The first company reports and investor disclosures using the EU taxonomy are due in early 2022 covering fiscal year 2021.





28 June

Implementation deadline for the majority of CRR II provisions. The reports are due for the first time as of June 30, 2021, based on the new CRR II and the revised reporting forms.



Solvency II


European Commission expected to publish legislative proposals amending Solvency II.




31 December

UCITS regulated by PRIIPs.