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Sustainable data quality: consistent, complete, current and correct.


At the heart of all successful production operations – a scalable and robust business process platform.


We began operating in 2001 as a spin-off from Allianz. Since then, we have continued to make substantial investments in infrastructure, process development and employee training, allowing us to provide high quality systems and services tailored to the needs of financial service companies, and enabling them to make the most of their growth opportunities.


Continuous evaluation of results achieved against client requirements coupled with innovative and flexible solutions enable us to provide our clients with the best possible service, giving them a competitive advantage, as well as significantly improving their productivity. At IDS, we strive to complement the dynamism of our clients with our own enterprising spirit. We pride ourselves on a culturally diverse work environment and team-oriented corporate culture, and seek to build a sound foundation for mutually rewarding relationships with both our clients and employees.


Delegating investment data management to IDS provides asset managers, custodian banks and institutional investors with a single repository for their investment data. IDS’s unique managed service approach ensures the ability to surmount a vast array of regulatory and client demands facing financial firms now and in the future.

A comprehensive understanding of our clients’ requirements – both technical and operational – sets us apart from the competition.


Learn more about data management for investment operations and the challenge, the benefits and functions.

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