Performance Analysis

Outperformance Fee

Result-oriented management compensation.

Enables fund administrators to apply performance-based, result-oriented compensation of management success.

Outperformance fees are performance-related fee models that are gaining in popularity throughout the German fund landscape. Fund managers use them to enhance returns.

Based on its many years of experience, IDS GmbH – Analysis and Reporting Services (IDS) offers asset management companies and custodian banks exact and reliable calculation of outperformance fees on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

A full range of calculation methods (volume-based, high water mark, high-to-high etc.) are available out of the box and can be flexibly adapted to meet clients’ needs.

In addition to statistics, comprehensive reporting includes simulations based on various scenarios.

IDS makes it possible to integrate the different calculation methods of the various user groups and the heterogeneous outperformance fees into a standardized and automated process. IDS has the efficiency of the process certified by an independent auditor each year.

IDS implements the calculation process based on the specifications provided by the client and guarantees timely and exact calculation of the outperformance fee.

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