Performance Analysis

Peer Group Analysis

Identifying the competitive positioning of funds.

Enables controlling units to monitor the positioning of funds against the competition and allows sales entities to market strong results.

Asset management companies (AMCs) need to know how their products compare against their peers from a risk-return perspective. A favorable position among a fund’s peer group can be a reason for many retail clients to buy, and constitutes a significant competitive advantage.

Peer group analysis provides this information both to fund management and internal performance monitoring and sales units, helping them understand the positioning of retail funds within the competitive environment.

To this end, IDS GmbH – Analysis and Reporting Services (IDS) sets up a client-oriented reporting solution. The analysis can be based on peer groups within the market or groups specifically defined by the client. IDS offers AMCs the ability to draw upon data structures already implemented within the peer group analysis, and to enrich the peer group data with data of their own.