Performance Analysis

Performance Attribution

Analysis of investment performance.

Is an integral component of the investment value chain for the portfolio manager, an aid for marketing and sales staff and enables relationship managers to demonstrate the success of an investment strategy.

Institutional investors expect their asset managers to keep them regularly apprised of the performance of their investment strategies, irrespective of whether the outcomes are positive or negative. In this regard, high-quality standardized and meaningful performance attribution analyses form an integral part of this communication process. Portfolio managers need to be able to count on highly flexible attribution analyses that are tailored to the investment process to compare the results achieved against their expectations.

What were the significant factors and drivers of performance during the period under analysis? In response to this question, IDS GmbH – Analysis and Reporting Services (IDS) offers a broad range of customized analysis solutions, which also provide valuable information for product management and can be drawn on by marketing and sales. The analysis can focus on contribution information with regard to absolute performance as well as on attribution information in terms of relative performance against a benchmark.


Would you like to know what to consider when implementing a performance attribution solution? Here you will get essential information on one view.