Product Overview

We create premium solutions for our clients, spanning the spectrum of performance and risk analysis, investment compliance, and consolidated reporting. Based on our managed service approach, we also handle all related business processes.

Data Management

Administration and management of portfolios requires access to necessary data relating to existing positions in the portfolio, master data and market data. A dynamic market environment calls for continual improvements in data management, so that bottlenecks and inefficiencies don’t lead to competitive disadvantages. IDS data management offers solutions for cost-efficient access to quality-assured data, as well as supplementary parameters for existing market data in segments that are not adequately covered by available data resources or analytical methods.

Risk Controlling

Management of the risks inherent in investing is a key component of portfolio management. IDS clients have access to tried and tested methods, with outstanding coverage of instrument types and market segments to support them with successful management of investment risks. IDS risk controlling offers reliable solutions for measurement and analysis of market risks, as well as assessment of portfolio liquidity, while fostering alignment of management approaches and risk optimization through an analysis of risk drivers. 

Performance Analysis

A key measure of portfolio management success is portfolio performance. IDS provides an independent assessment of performance and calculates the resulting management fee. The performance data is analyzed using powerful, cutting-edge methodologies. IDS makes it possible for clients to evaluate investment success compared to individually defined peer groups or in accordance with the requirements of the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), and supports a GIPS verification. 


IDS reporting functionalities deliver polished and highly flexible marketing instruments for distribution to private investors by producers of asset management services, as well as management reports for controlling purposes. For institutional investors, IDS compiles professional-quality economic capital investment analysis and provides support for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Company Profile