Annual and Semi-Annual Reports for Funds

One-stop solution: data management, generation, distribution.

In times of growing competitive and cost pressures, asset managers are increasingly turning to the possibility of international marketing for their products. In addition to the advantages, however, such a move also increases the burden of reporting:

  • Annual and semi-annual reports are not only subject to the laws governing content and structure in their home country, but also to the legal frameworks in the countries where the funds are publicly distributed.
  • Additional requirements apply in many countries as a result of regulations, recommendations or standards set by national industry associations.
  • In order to create the reports, data and text material from multiple functions within the company (fund accounting, compliance, fund management, marketing, legal) must be consolidated, coordinated and structured according to specific national requirements.
  • The annual reports must be audited and the reports submitted to the regulatory authority of each country within 2 to 4 months – usually in the country’s official language.

At the same time, annual and semi-annual reports are important tools for marketing the fund: every investor, before completion of a transaction, must be presented with the current annual report or – if this is older than eight months – the latest semi-annual report. As a rule, investors receive three documents in close proximity to their planned investment decision:


Consequently, many fund managers place great emphasis on ensuring consistency of data across all documents, as well as a compelling and recognizable layout in line with their unique corporate design. 


As a result of the numerous requirements relating to content, layout, language and deadlines, generating reports for international distribution is often a cost-intensive and error-prone process. Although database-supported and structured processes can help compensate for these disadvantages, implementing them is usually complicated and expensive. With our "Annual and Semi-Annual Reports for Funds" services, IDS offers a proven solution to ensure consistent, high-quality and low-cost report production.


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Annual and Semi-Annual Reports for Funds

Annual and Semi-Annual Reports for Funds: IDS Services at a glance

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