Fact Sheets

Highly flexible, customized and consistent reporting.

Provides the marketing, sales-support and sales units of asset management companies with reliable and high-quality marketing material in a number of languages.

Retail and institutional investors expect to receive high-quality and timely information on their portfolios that is customized to their specific needs. Given their limited resources, the marketing and sales units in asset management companies need efficient processes if they are to meet these requirements. The main challenge is to integrate the different reporting and information interests of the various user groups and resulting heterogeneous reports into one highly standardized, automated and thus efficient process. This is the only way to ensure timely and first-class reporting.

IDS GmbH – Analysis and Reporting Services (IDS) offers reporting solutions that serve exactly this purpose. IDS can implement fact sheet production in a highly flexible and dynamic, client-centric manner and ensure the timely and high-quality production of this marketing material.

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