KVG Interface

For asset managers to deliver look-through data to clients in the German savings bank sector.

The KVG interface opens up new opportunities and strengthens your relationship with German savings banks. It is becoming the new standard for providing fund look-through to savings banks. This enables you to support your customers in meeting regulatory requirements in risk management and reporting.

Why you should trust IDS for your KVG interface:

  • Expertise: Benefit from our experience in implementing the interface for asset managers with global operations.
  • Regulatory know-how: Rely on our many years of experience in the production of CRR CRD IV reporting.
  • Focus: Free up your resources rather than keeping them tied up in regulatory issues.
  • Data quality: Ensure your data quality with reliable checks.
  • Efficiency: Bypass the complexity associated with delivering data in the specific savings bank formats.
  • Convenience: Meet data requirements without additional licenses.
  • Updated: Our experts keep you informed about all upcoming changes in the CRR CRD IV regulation as well as in the interface.

The Challenge

German savings banks are subject to the strict rules of European banking supervision and its disclosure requirements. As an asset manager, you support invested savings banks by providing a special look-through. In the future, you will be increasingly required to provide this data in the KVG interface format. In doing so, you will face numerous challenges to successfully manage the onboarding process and meet the specific requirements:

  • Delivering fund data at the individual portfolio level in a predefined format
  • Providing pre-calculated CRR-specific metrics
  • Mapping of internal data to specific standards of the savings bank sector
  • Compliance with restrictive data quality and consistency checks
  • Matching internal investment data with that of the primary market data source of the accepting system

Our KVG interface service can do all of this for you.

Our Service

With the KVG interface, you stabilize existing and create new opportunities for selling your products in the German savings bank sector. IDS supports you in the implementation and operation of this sophisticated interface. It enables you to automatically deliver investment data in the required quality and defined formats to the central IT service provider of the savings banks.


Rely on IDS for a smooth setup and full operation of the KVG interface. Benefit from our experience in the financial industry and our regulatory know-how. Our service includes: 

Data Management

  • Import of fund data from your source systems
  • Enrichment of the delivered data and ensuring consistency with the data of the primary market data vendor of the savings banks
  • Conversion of customer data into the defined classifications for investments, ratings, etc. in accordance with the specifications of the German Savings Banks and Giro Association e. V. (DSGV)
  • Highest data quality through automated checking routines and monitoring of processes by our specialists


  • Calculation of all relevant CRR-specific key figures (off-balance sheet positions, exposure classes, risk weights and solvency amounts)
  • Provision of data for the new standard approach for counterparty credit risk SA-CCR, whenever this is required by the KVG interface


  • Production of the specific files for corporate and investment data
  • Execution of test delivery and evaluation of log files
  • Ongoing optimization of the database
  • On-time delivery of the requested ultimate data via the existing SFTP connection to the accepting data pool
  • Allowing for delays of up to 2 months for the delivery of the data to the data pool, upon request

Gain a competitive advantage in the German savings banks sector.

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