Dr. Christoph Plein

Since 2020, Dr. Christoph Plein has been Chairman of the Management Board of IDS GmbH - Analysis and Reporting Services (IDS). He is a member of the Investment Management Board of Allianz Investment Management (AIM) SE, where he has been responsible as Regional Chief Investment Officer since 2011. Dr. Christoph Plein has been in various management functions of Allianz Group respectively at Allianz Investment Management (AIM) SE since 2001. After his studies he worked as an auditor for Deloitte Germany. He studied economics at the University of Regensburg, where he received his doctorate in 1996.

Tatjana Ehrlich

Tatjana Ehrlich has been Managing Director of IDS GmbH - Analysis and Reporting Services (IDS) since 2015. She was previously responsible for the Information & Process Engineering department and for the management and development of the IT platform at IDS. Tatjana Ehrlich has been with IDS from the very beginning of the company. Until 2002, she was a Senior Consultant and Project Manager at Siemens Nixdorf/Siemens Business Services GmbH & Co OHG. She studied at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen, where she received her degree in Computer Science.

Dr. Wolfgang Dietl

Since 2010, Dr. Wolfgang Dietl has been a member of the management board of IDS GmbH - Analysis and Reporting Services, having worked there since its foundation in 2001. Previously, he has been working for 2 years at Allianz Life Insurance in the field of information systems for investments. From 1995 to 1999, Dr. Wolfgang Dietl was responsible for the investment reporting of a private asset management company and developed software for performance measurement. Starting in 1992, he has been working for three years as a marketing advisor focussing on competitor analysis for retail companies and the small business sector. Dr. Wolfgang Dietl graduated in 1992 with a degree in business administration from the University of Regensburg and Aston University in England. He was awarded his doctorate at the University of Regensburg in 2000. Before his university studies, he completed an apprenticeship as a banker.

Holger Haun

Since 2001 Holger Haun has been a member of the management board of IDS GmbH - Analysis and Reporting Services. During the years 1993 and 2001, he worked in various Finance and IT functions and projects within Allianz SE, Allianz Asset Management and Allianz Life Insurance. Holger Haun studied Computer Sciences at the Technical University of Dresden until 1993.

Dr. Ulrich Raber

Dr. Ulrich Raber has been a member of the management board of IDS GmbH - Analysis and Reporting Services since 2015 and is responsible for asset manager client solutions. Previously he was head of risk analytics, asset manager and reporting services. He is with IDS since 2001 and has substantially contributed to building the risk analysis business for international asset manager clients. Before IDS he was responsible for performance, risk and reporting at Allianz Asset Management GmbH. Dr Raber studied business mathematics at University of Trier where he was awarded a PhD in 1999.